How to Use Ecommerce Link Building to Grow Your Business: 5 Expert Tips

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What is Link Building & Why Does Your Ecommerce Site Need It?

Thousands of people walk down 5th Avenue in New York City each day to shop for the latest and greatest merchandise. And why go to there?

Because it's known to provide a high quality, superior shopping experience with the best and most impressive products.

Similarly, your ecommerce website needs to be the 5th Avenue for your product or service. And how can it be that way?

Through the strategic SEO efforts of ecommerce link building.

It's no question that you're considering multiple marketing efforts to advertise and drive traffic to your website.

But one of the most important efforts should be building links back to your site and your overall link building strategy for your brand.

Most importantly, link building is one of the most critical factors for establishing authority in the eyes of Google. Obtaining this authority will help you rank higher for searches, hence the reason ecommerce brands have to consider building quality links in the first place.

And lastly, what does more authority and higher searches equate to for your business? More clicks and more revenue for you.

ECommerce Business Crushing the Link Building Game: Walmart

Walmart, ever heard of it? Yes, one of the largest and most successful retailers is also at the top in ecommerce. But they didn't achieve SEO glory overnight.

Walmart backlinks graph

Through a series of strategic efforts in keyword strategy, third party sellers, and backlink acquisition, this online superstar outranks many of it's similar competitors (Target, Costco, etc.)

So what makes their backlink strategy so successful?

According to The Good,

"Walmart does a great job of consistently gaining more backlinks. Even more interesting is the quality of backlinks they receive. Most of the backlinks the company receives are do-follow backlinks, which is pretty awesome in SEO terms.

"On top of that, "Walmart also engages in a constant quest for new backlinks. This allows them to stay on top of their game and balance losing backlinks and getting new ones. Overall, Walmart is getting more backlinks than it is losing. And this allows the company to stay and remain at the top of the SERPs." Source

We can conclude that when a site has high authority, dominates keyword strategy, and continually obtains more backlinks than they lose (especially those with high domain authority), the result is astounding.

Now whether you're a top-dog online retailer or not, these strategies can still be applied to your ecommerce store to aid in your success online.

5 Expert Strategies for Ecommerce Link Building

So let's go deeper into effective ecommerce link building strategies.

1. Create High-Quality Linkable Content

Maybe you've heard this before, but the key to success with building links is having content that people love linking to.

This includes:

  • Doing quality research
  • Having accurate information
  • Telling visual stories (when applicable) &
  • Selling a product that relates to the customers needs, wants, and potential concerns without making them feel like they're being sold to.
Create quality content

Most importantly, remember that creating high quality content is more than just sounding nice and looking attractive. It has to be better than your competitors, so it's important to know how they're displaying similar information.

Where should you feature this content? Consider a blog platform on your website with specific links to your own products within the posts. Those blog posts then become the relevant links others consider making a backlink out of.

Don't forget the value in creating guides and roundups, both the types of content that someone might search for and select in a line up of other articles.

"The Ultimate Guide to Hiking For Beginners" (guide) with relevant hiking products or "Best Floor Mats for Dog Owners" (roundup) could be the perfect way to show off your products in a unique and attention-grabbing way.

Once the content is there, the backlinks will start to roll in.

2. Conduct Outreach Measures to Relevant, Non-Competing Sites

Speaking of quality backlinks rolling in, we wish we could tell you it happens effortlessly after you hit publish. Not quite.

Part of building links back to your ecommerce websites includes conducting outreach measures (contacting another website owner) and asking or suggesting they add a link to your relevant page (blog post, product link, etc.)

Effective methods for outreach include the digital PR strategy, HARO, and influencer marketing.

When reaching out to a propose a backlink suggestion, remember to keep your message short, to the point, and polite. No one wants aggressive or persistent requests for backlinks in their inbox.

On top of that, get acquainted with the industry that you're reaching out to. If they are in a similar niche as your own, comment on your commonalities and make the link suggestion mutually beneficial.

As the name suggests, influencers have a surprisingly huge influence on your ecommerce traffic potential. With the right mention from a prominent influencer, you could see a significant increase in traffic or sales.

Remember that they are human beings with a lot of requests being sent their way. Make your request personal, professional, and a good use of their time.

3. Search for Unlinked Brand Mentions

Remember in grade school when you were forced to work on a group project and ended up doing most of the work? Just us? Well, consider this.

What if your name was left off of the group project. How would that feel? This feeling is similar to an unlinked brand mention. You deserve the proper credit and link back to your site when another website talks about you. You did work really hard on your site, products, and brand, after all.

Identifying unlinked brand mentions is another opportunity to grow your backlink profile (as well as give your site the proper credit.) The solution is simple, too.

Simply reach out to the website and let them know where you'd appreciate your link being added. In many cases, they'll be willing and happy to put it in because it's providing an opportunity for their audience to find you as well.

To identify potential unlinked brand mentions, use of the tools in Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and Buzzstream are quick and effective ways to produce a list of places on the web that mention your brand or products.

Unlinked brand marketing

You can then reach out and contact these sites directly with a description of the location where your brand or product exists and a backlink is desired.

To learn how to identify unlinked brand mentions, check out this tutorial from Ahrefs.

4. Identify Broken Links & Capitalize

In the online world, links break all the time for various reasons. An SEO strategy worth pursuing for your ecommerce business is to find broken links on other pages and suggest YOUR site or product link as a replacement.

Since many sites don't want their site to have any broken links on it, they will likely take you up on your replacement suggestion to quickly improve their site strength overall. This really is an efficient and quick way for you both to win.

How do you as an ecommerce site find broken links and capitalize on them? Use free tools, such as the Check My Links web extension, or Ahrefs.

Links checking

Another option is to enter a specific domain into your link analysis tool. Filter by “Outgoing Links” to identify all the broken links on that entire site. Then identify what links of yours could be suitable replacements.

Remember to include the URL that is broken in your communication with the website so they know where to consider your replacement. Then include your working (and ideally, better) URL for them to review before adding.

When done correctly, this strategy is effortless for the other site to agree to and you've just obtained a new backlink.

5. Guest Posts

Ah guest posts. One of the quickest and easiest ways to build your backlink profile.

In a few short words, a guest post is when you provide an article with links to your website and products to be published on another website.

Why is this such a successful SEO strategy? Because the website owner gets to expand the content on their site, and you immediately obtain new backlinks. Win-win!

Remember to propose a guest post opportunity politely and with confidence in what you can offer. Consider the right niche and platform to provide a guest post and imbed your ecommerce links with relevance and good intent.

Don't forget to allow the website owner authority to make changes as they see fit. It is going on their website so they have the final say.

Ecommerce Link Building By Searchant - A Case Study

Countless clients of Searchant have experienced tremendous growth over the course of a few months through the use of our advanced link building strategies, like mentioned above.

Searchant case study graph

In particular for one client, we obtained 10 links per month over a 12 month period. The average domain authority of the obtained links was 44.4. The highest domain authority was 92, and 24 links had a domain authority of over 70+.

The higher the domain authority, the more impressive to Google, hence our effort in obtaining as high of DA links as possible.

Searchant can bring you these results, too. With a team of dedicated SEO professionals and experts in link building, Searchant can find suitable sites and conduct outreach measures that bring success to your ecommerce brand.

Benefits of Ecommerce Link Building Using Searchant

Searchant has above-average knowledge, experience, and expertise in the SEO industry to help you in creating content for your ecommerce business.

From integrating internal links to capitalizing on a high traffic blog post, from addressing broken links to establishing an ecommerce link building campaign, Searchant does it all.

But most importantly, our strategy for gaining backlinks to your online business website is simple: 100% outreach based link building.

Ultimately, our methods work and lead to a higher domain authority and increased traffic to your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce Link Building Done For You

With Searchant, you can leave the technical and complex link building tactics to us while you focus on building and expanding your products.

Together, we'll create the ultimate ecommerce business that is both seeing an increase in organic traffic and bringing in desirable revenue for you.

While certainly a marathon and not a sprint, our long-term relationship will be one that you're proud to have as another member of your ecommerce team. And in time, your ecommerce site will become the next 5th Avenue hot spot.

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