Free XML Sitemap Extractor

Use our free XML sitemap extractor to extract a list of your (or any other website) URLs
into an accessible list you can copy and paste into a spreadsheet or document.

How to Use Our Extractor Tool

You can extract any sitemap to a simple list in 4 easy steps!

  1. Enter the sitemap URL; this is usually something like this:
  2. Press the "load sitemap" button
  3. Your list of URLs will appear in the box below.
  4. Copy and paste into Google Sheets, Excel or other text editor.

You will need to repeat this for each type of sitemap you have, such as:

  • Page Sitemaps
  • Category Sitemaps
  • Product Sitemaps
  • Blog/Posts Sitemaps
Sitemap Generator


Why use Searchant's XML Sitemap extractor?

There are many reasons you may want to use our sitemap extractor like:

  1. Understand whether your XML sitemaps are referencing all your indexable URLs and making them known to Google.
  2. Troubleshoot if non-indexable URLs are referenced in your XML sitemaps, which helps prevent them from being indexed.
  3. Understand how your XML sitemaps capture your other types of content beyond regular landing pages, from images and video to news and localised URLs.
  4. View your data when reviewing a site's information architecture.

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